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East Coast Cookie Company East Coast Cookie Company

Frequently asked questions.  

Here what we have put together for you.

Can I order cookies directly?

You can order cookies directly from us if you are a café or wholesale supplier, or if you wish to buy for personal use you can place an order and then pick it up from our factory.

How far do you ship? 

We ship to most areas in Australia through our Distributors in each particular state.

Can I order through one of your cafe stockists? 

Maybe? We honestly haven’t explored this idea much. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Where can I buy your Cookies? 

Our Cookies are stocked at cafes and specialty coffee venues all over Australia. Check out our where to By Page to find your nearest ones. If you’re hunting for a particular flavour just contact our team. 

Do you supply  wholesale? 

Yes we do supply wholesale, we are a wholesale bakery supplying the café and hospitality industry.  If you need any more information give us a call or send us an email.

Where is the East coast Cookie factory? Can I come visit? 

We are based in Moorabbin, Victoria. While you are welcome to come and purchase directly from our factory the kitchen and other working areas are closed to the public. 

How should I look after the glass jar?

The glass jars should we washed with warm soapy water on a regular basis and the lid kept on securely and airtight to keep the cookies fresh.

How should I store your cookies?

The cookies should be stored in an airtight container once the pack is opened.

We do not recommend storing them in the fridge as they may go soft with moisture and condensation, we would recommend storing them in a dry safe place.

Are your products certified gluten-free, nut-free or vegan? 

We produce a variety of cookies in our kitchen, including products that contain gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.  We are HACCP certified and follow strict food safety guidelines which includes a highly considered storage of different ingredients and thorough wash downs of machinery between different cookie production runs.

However, we are not certified “free” of any ingredient.

Does your product contain raw egg? 

No, our cookies do not contain any raw egg.  All cookies that have egg in them are cooked at an appropriate temperature to make them safe for consumption

Do you use free range eggs? 

Our eggs are sourced from an ethical Australian egg company, the brand varies from order to order dependent on availability.

Are any of your products nut free? 

Some of our products do not have nuts in them but are produced in an environment where nuts may be present so we always say “may contain nuts”, if you are unsure ask to see the nutritional information.