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East Coast Cookie Company East Coast Cookie Company

We are devoted to having a taste for every individual and every occasion, whilst striving to put a smile on every face.

Our customers consist of wholesalers, retailers, distributors, cafes & coffee shops. We supply them with handmade gourmet cookies of their choices from our huge range.

We ship our cookies all over Australia, packing them with lots of love to ensure they stay delicious from our oven to their door.


We only use the best quality ingredients sourced from premium suppliers, including luscious Cadbury chocolate.

'Ingredients comes first there is NO substitute for quality."

 We are HACCP certified. We are extremely proud of not only the products we create, but the environment we create them in. We are striving to help shape bright futures, by maintaining a friendly, creative, permanent, fair working environment that welcomes diversity, hard work and creativity.

About Our Cookies

Freshly baked all day, every day with exceptional flavour and taste we believe we have created superb cookies for superb moments.

Crisp on the outside but only to crumble and melt on the inside. They are so deliciously tasty that your taste buds will be tingling.


We have cookies of every kind from Macadamia & White Chocolate, Cornflake right through to Muesli and Fruit & Yoghurt.  For Serious Cookie Munchers with a sweet tooth we have our Melting Moments , Salted Carmel or a good old traditional Monte Carlo.


Yet it isn't the "grown-up " Cookies that catch most people eyes, it's the Monster sizes Jam Fancy, Smarties and Frecklies that draw the most attention, there really is something for everyone.

Their Story

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From a outsiders perspective and as someone who created their website, I can’t help but comment on what an exceptional product and business they have created.
17 Years in business and only advertising through word of mouth! The greatest compliment you can give a business is referring a customer.

Knowing that there phenomenal growth has been as a result of their exceptional product, honesty, integrity and love for the industry, speaks volumes.

If your looking for an exceptional product and to deal with a genuine people in business, East Coast Cookies is the business for you. “ Writing by Kim Gale”

"Cookies  You Can Trust"

East Coast Cookies, is a family run and operated cookie manufacturing business based in Moorabin, Victoria. Owned and operated by Bruce and Michelle they decided to sell up and begin their adventure in Melbourne, starting East Coast Cookies in 2002.

When asked what led them into their cookie business "It was their passion for handcrafted sweet and treats, led by their sweet tooths, that led them to creating the most divine cookies in Australia.

When I asked Michelle, what made her make the final descions to move her family she said. " I believe cookies are one of the most satisfying and flavourful inventions in the culinary world. So, what could be better than offering a quality product, that brings smiles to the faces of others. In doing so, making your own life more enjoyable, allowing you to provide for your family and the icing on the cake... .....or cookie. We get to work togther every day.